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This blog comments research and activities related to Semiotics, Cognition and Neurology.

A phenomenological approach to Imagination will be a main focus.

Ignorance as Source of Wisdom

CognitionPosted by Semeion Wed, February 25, 2009 11:13:43
The Philosopher Ann Kerwin has taught Ignorance for medical students since the early 1980's. I read about her work in an interview in the Norwegian Magazine FLUX Uvitenhet - en kilde til visdom . For those who can't read Norwegian, some essays about ignorance can be found on Ann Kerwins homepage .

Ann Kerwin developed a Map of Ignorance, which is worth reflections. Her aim is to make learning a joyful experience.

I call it Heuristic Joy. Socrates exclaimed 'Heureka' = I found it! - but Heuristic Joy is so much more. Wonder. Developing better analytic tools. Discovery as a Journey. Amazement. Puzzlement. But Wonder as primary condition. An open Mind and love for Space and Clarity.

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