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A phenomenological approach to Imagination will be a main focus.

Winter Symposium

SemioticsPosted by Semeion Sat, January 31, 2009 11:23:05
The annual Winter Symposium held by the Center for Semiotics in Ã…rhus, Denmark, was about Narrative Cognition this year. Much was said about narrativity, but not much about cognition. The concepts, models and analysing tools used and developed in the Center for Semiotics, when Per Aage Brandt was head of the Center, was hardly mentioned.

Per Aage Brandt initiated a highly inspiring blend of cognitive research and semiotics, inviting very innovative researchers and lecturers to the Center for Semiotics, such as Mark Turner - who in turned invited to join his research center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Frederik Stjernfelt is Full Professor at the Center for Semiotics now - and has written Danish semiotics - an overview

Anyway - the symposium was nice and inspiring, mostly because of the people present. Per Aage Brandt sat next to me at the final dinner. Sharing mind with him was inspiring as always. Woke up early with a great idea for demonstrating conceptual blending and imagination. And it will be illuminating and great fun!

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